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About Joce & Co.

I grew up in Greystones, Co.Wicklow, Ireland and although I have lived away from home at times, for the moment, I have gone back to my roots!


I have a huge passion for design. I recently designed my new home where I, and my husband Paul, now live.  One of my favourite elements of building our new home was designing and perfecting the layout, and planning how the house would flow and how the interior would come together.  Myself and Paul share a love for contemporary (Scandanavian / Minimalist) design, therefore we decided to make our kitchen worktops out of concrete.  Following this project, numerous bags of sand and cement remained ... and this where my love of designing and creating items from concrete grew.  


I hope that my products give you as much joy as I get from designing and creating them.  My products are handcrafted, therefore no two items are the same, giving you a unique one-of piece.

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